Introducing the Isle Glass Series—a new release from FRAMA in transparent material. Made locally on the small Danish island of Bornholm, the pieces are designed with this maker-community in mind, where the island’s history in craft parallels FRAMA’s approach to production from across the Baltic Sea.

Each piece of the Isle Glass Series is made on the island with recycled glass, in step with a remarkable culture of artistic production. Historically a retreat for some of Denmark’s foremost painters, writers, ceramicists, and glassblowers, today, this history is apparent upon setting foot on the island through the craftsmanship of the architecture and the tranquility of the culture. In spite of this significant history and value to this day, the island is little-known and maintains a calm that translates to its design identity.

Designed for practical use in the spaces for dining and gathering to which FRAMA is so intimately linked, the Isle Glass Series is meant to be used daily: with no need to be precious; rather, the series is meant to be enjoyed in the routine as well as the celebratory in the manner of its provenance.

Gathering around food and beverage is an essential starting point for so much of the FRAMA universe, and the Isle Glass Series builds upon this interest, offering a new weight and tone to set the table with. From the restaurant and café space that crafts identity from its plateware, to the home that requires ease of use, to a holiday home that may leave the table set for long lunches—this collection offers flexibility in a new hue, shape, and origin.