On the summer solstice, a complete and natural understanding of endless summer emerges when near 24-hour daylight glows over Nordic countries—dark winters met with limitless light.

Like the fruits of the season, Nordic summer is to be savored—and daylight obliges by offering more hours to move from days at the beach, al fresco meals, and time spent in summer houses trod through with bare feet. The Tasca and Folding Flat Chairs move from arm to arm and table to table as one gathering leads to the next. At the tables these chairs are pulled up to, fresh berries stud ceramics and Isle Glass Series shallow bowl and plates. Bright summer fruit colors burst through their transparent, smokey and bubbled tone.

The provenance of the Isle Glass Series is essential to understanding the Nordic approach to summer. Made locally on the small Danish island of Bornholm, the series of glass tableware parallels FRAMA’s approach to craft from across the Baltic Sea that shines under the summer sun. Each piece is made with recycled glass; at home surrounded by beach glass for a picnic in the sand with light towels in tow. These pieces are stackable for ease, and the pitcher is crafted in a generous size to suit a beverage or flowers alike.