This June, FRAMA and Toogood come together, creating a space for meaningful moments, experiences, and the exchange of ideas. COLLAGE is a reimagining of FRAMA’s Copenhagen Studio Spaces that explores the intersection of art, design, food, and people.

“The word imagination encapsulates something that FRAMA is really good at. This very childlike, naive way of navigating exploration—we don’t feel the need to fit ourselves into the traditional industry forms. That’s why we invited Toogood to take part in this exhibition. Two studios who are very playful in the right, although very different, ways.”

– Niels Strøyer Christophersen, Founder, FRAMA

As part of COLLAGE, a limited-edition collaborative collection between FRAMA and Toogood emerges. Bringing together core elements from both brands’ respective design languages, an emphasis on natural materials, hand-painted details, and craftsmanship is apparent throughout. FRAMA invites Toogood into its self care universe, and Toogood introduces FRAMA to its wardrobe of wearables.


The Roper Gilet is made of a durable cotton work drill, featuring characterful 3D pockets to house plenty of odds and ends. Hand-painted in London for the limited edition Toogood x FRAMA collaborationin four variations.


A limited edition gift box containing the Herbarium-scented Hand Cream and Hand Wash, repackaged with the colorful and painterly shapes of COLLAGE for the Toogood x FRAMA collaboration. This duo keeps your skin nourished and soft while providing an immersive scent, highlighted by aromatic notes of sandalwood, cedar, and ylang-ylang.


Sculptural shapes in bold colors, these wall-mountable objects embody Toogood x FRAMA’s unique combination of play and function. Something unexpected and useful—use them as wall hooks or small pieces of art.


A rectangular oversized tote for books, tools, travel, and markets. Hand-painted in London for the limited edition Toogood x FRAMA collaborationin four variations.


From a mutual starting point, The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard, the exhibition evokes a child-like sense of imagination where no boundaries exist. Space, brand, industry, and norms are eschewed in favor of creative expression.

3 Days Of Design:
12-14 June, 2024
Fredericiagade 57, DK 1310