Towel Care Guide

We have rounded up an easy and quick guide to ensure your towels look and feel soft and brand new. Extend their life and effectiveness with a bit of care by following these simple steps.

1. Soaking towels in cold water

If you’ve ever wondered how to wash new towels, we advise soaking them in cold water for 24 hours and then washing them according to the instructions prior to first use. This step will allow the cotton fibers to open up and give the towels better absorbency. 


2. Follow the label instructions

Due to the fiber’s special nature, your towel will become softer and more absorbent over time when it is cared for according to the instructions. FRAMA Towels should be washed with mild detergent on a gentle machine cycle wash. Wash Light Towels at 30º and Heavy Towels at 40º degrees.


3. Avoid fabric softeners and conditioners, and do not bleach

Softeners and conditioners may create a coating, reducing your towels’ absorbency. Over time, a build-up of fabric conditioner will make your towels feel stiff and scratchy.

Additional tip: washing towels with vinegar helps set the colors and removes excess detergent residue.


4. Tumble dry low or line dry

Remove from the washer and give each towel a few shakes before putting it in the dryer or line dry. Tumble dry low, as high temperatures can damage the fibers and make your towels feel hard.



1. How often should you wash your towels?

Bath towels should be washed after every 3-4 uses to keep them hygienic and bacteria-free. For towels used at the gym or after sports, we recommend washing after every use.

2. How to wash white towels?

To maintain your light-colored towels, wash them with only other white/light towels and laundry using hot water, half a capful of detergent, and do not use fabric softener.

3. Can I wash towels with clothes?

Separate your laundry. Always wash and dry your towels separately from the rest of the laundry. Keeping the load lighter will help your machine get a deeper clean. This step also helps avoid buttons and zippers from other garments getting caught on the towel threads.

4. Are there any everyday products I should avoid to maintain the color of my towels?

Avoid household cleansers and toothpaste which may contain certain ingredients causing towels to change color or cause spotting or discoloration. Facial cleansers and self-tanners may also cause persistent dark stains. Wash excess products off your skin to prevent that from happening.

5. How to keep towels smelling fresh?

Before folding and storing, make sure the towels are completely dry. Storing them wet will result in unwanted smells over time.

6. What is the difference between Heavy and Light towels?

FRAMA’s Heavy Towels are woven with 30% hemp and 70% organic, GOTS-certified terry cotton.They are suitable as a bathroom or beach towels. FRAMA’s Light Towels are woven with 20% linen and 80% organic, GOTS-certified cotton. They are suitable as kitchen and bathroom towels, table settings, and outdoor fabrics.

7. What does GSM mean?

Grams per square meter is the weight of a fabric if you take a one meter by one-meter square piece and weigh it in grams. A towel with higher GSM will be denser and more absorbent than a towel with low GSM. FRAMA Heavy Towels are 600gsm FRAMA Light Towels 350gsm FRAMA Heavy Towel Poncho 400gsm.