Candle Care Guide

Contained in an Italian glass container with a wooden lid, FRAMA's scented candles are formulated exclusively with plant-based ingredients and responsibly sourced vegetable oil wax. With a simple guide and proper care, these items will prolong their life and ensure an even, fragrant burn.

1. Let the candle burn allowing the entire surface to become fluid during the first use

When lighting a candle for the first time, we recommend letting it burn for a maximum of four hours, allowing the entire upper layer of wax to melt—the perfume has now reached its optimal diffusion potential. This step will ensure a long and even burn in the future. Allow the candle to solidify before subsequent use. 


2. Use a candle snuffer

To limit excess smoke and prevent hot wax from splattering, use a candle snuffer when putting out the candle, holding the snuffer over the flame for 5 seconds. Allow the candle to cool before moving and covering it with a lid.

3. Put the lid on after each use

Cover your candle with the accompanying wooden lid to prevent dust from gathering on the surface after each use. Keeping your candle clean will help it last longer and ensure scent preservation.


4. Clean remaining wax 

Before each burn, clean the remaining wax away from the inner container walls. Wiping off any excess wax residue will prevent further tunneling.

5. Trim the candle wick

Long candle wicks that had fallen into the molten wax may create an unpleasant smell. Trimming it will help your candle last longer and smell fresh every time, ensuring an even burn. Make sure to keep the candle’s wick at approximately 6mm.



1. How long do FRAMA scented candles last?

FRAMA’s 60g candle lasts for approximately 20 hours of olfactory experience. FRAMA’s 170g candle lasts for approximately 42 hours of olfactory experience. 

2. How do I know when my candle is finished?

Don’t burn all the wax. Once the wax has reached 5mm in the bottom of the glass container, it is time to stop burning it. The flame needs a solid wax base to avoid overheating the glass jar.

3. How should I care for the surface the candle is placed upon?
Use the wooden lid as a coaster. Place the lid underneath the candle to protect the surface from the heat which it is placed upon.

4. What can I do with my empty glass jar?
Recycle your candle. The glass container can be reused as pleased. Clean the remaining wax with hot water and turn it into a pot for your pens, or place a tealight inside.

5. Are scented candles safe?
FRAMA’s scented candles will burn cleanly and safely. But do no not leave a burning candle unattended. Put out the candle before leaving the room and keep it out of the reach of children and pets.