Rich Hues: A Nod To Mid-Century Modern

In timeless pieces like the Farmhouse Table, the Folding Flat Chair, and the Easy Chair 01, the FRAMA Dark Oak finish pays homage to the influence of mid-century modernism. 

This nod to the legacy of a watershed moment in design in Denmark and across Europe shows reverence to an unfussy approach to using wood as a material that needs little to no embellishment. Dark Oak introduces a new finish to FRAMA collections as an informed reference—generously thought through with today’s interior in mind.

The Dark Oak finish in the FRAMA universe stems from the mid-century design movement. The continued influence of this confident turn into modernism today speaks to its timelessness—rather than an experimental trend that we look back on, the approach to furnishing that emerged from this time shows its influence in everything that has followed in its function, restraint, and respect for material.

From the Farmhouse Table to the Folding Flat Chair in the same finish, each piece born of these design ideas can be at home in the same interior and at the same point in time. The function and specificity of the aesthetic will continue to appear timeless as long as our approach to living involves tables, chairs, and essential objects for carrying out day to day life.

Arranging Your Home with Dark Oak Pieces

Incorporating a Dark Finish into your home is an accommodating process of introducing the shade into an existing interior—through the right pieces for the space.

Consider the following approaches.

1. Welcoming Contrast:

Dark finish can pair beautifully with lighter, neutral tones. Offset the deep richness of FRAMA Farmhouse Tables or Folding Flat or Easy Chair 01’s with light-colored objects and textiles. This contrast adds visual interest and allows the Dark to take center stage, emphasizing the connection between minimal design features and rural, straightforward inspiration.

2. Industrial Accents:

In their simplicity, materials like stainless steel and aluminum can complement the natural forms of Dark Oak pieces, and the timelessness of its finish. Candle holders, chairs, lighting, or cutlery and utensils can introduce more industrial materials into a space with naturally-derived elements in a complementary way.

3. Natural Textures

Mid-century modernism celebrates natural materials. Incorporate ceramics, glassware, and textures like cotton and linen to create a tactile contrast and intentionally bring in textiles that are used day-to-day. To set the Farmhouse table, for example, glassware and ceramics that show their natural material finishes will complete the conversation between each piece and its origin story.

4. Thoughtful Storage:

Create an uncluttered space that builds off of the elegance and simplicity of the Dark Oak finish. A mid-century approach allows storage vessels to be the design objects in and of themselves—a console or a shelving unit adding to the conversation while also offering storage to keep clutter out of sight. In this organization, intimate decor items are kept to essential pieces that then have room to stand out and add personal heirlooms to a timeless interior.