A Guide to: Petite Holiday Settings

Discover the art of petite holiday settings this holiday season—vignettes designed to welcome guests and foster connection.

Whether you're a seasoned decorator or a first-time host, allow FRAMA to act as an interior steward, offering simple inspiration for creating your own inviting holiday settings. More than just decorations, thoughtfully curated nooks invite you to experience your surroundings more meaningfully with others. Discover new ways to infuse warmth into your holiday traditions with us.


1. The Cozy Corner

A cozy corner can be styled around any coffee table or easy seating arrangement. We've selected the Farmhouse Coffee Table and Easy Chair 01. Build warmth by adding lighting with a subtle glow, such as a soft floor lamp and candlelight. Follow by adding styling details like candle snuffers, artful books that spark conversation, and vintage pottery.

Suggestions for your cozy corner:

- Books we’re inspired by: Modern Instances by Stephen Shore, Gravity Begins at Home by Guy Bolongaro, and Cover to Cover by Michael Snow

- A cozy holiday drink recipe we love: Non-Alcoholic Warm Spiced Apple Juice

Such a corner is requisite for relaxation, reading, and intimate gatherings over coffee or a glass of mulled wine. Finally, create a tranquil playlist to set the mood.


2. The Kitchen: Heart of the Home

Regardless of your kitchen's size, making food is always a communal undertaking. Opt for a small kitchen table that facilitates cozy breakfast moments, late-night tea, or a shared glass of wine. Pair your smaller kitchen setup with stools so as not to overcrowd the walking area. Light snacks, water carafes, and small plating items can be placed for added ambiance.

Suggestions for small kitchen moments:

- Stopping by your local farmers market for seasonal herbs and produce. Try our global Farmers Market Locator to find one near you.

-Korean Fermented Tea by Sing Tehus

Open storage in the kitchen can create extra space while also serving as a casual display for kitchen objects like sculptural glassware and handmade ceramics. To contribute to the festive spirit, consider dotting seasonal herbs and dried aromatics as a final touch.


3. The Warm and Fragrant Bathroom

Create a relaxing bathroom experience with self-care staples infused with fresh aromas. Calming products made with natural ingredients will ensure that even the most sensitive skin is cared for. Adding a vase with fresh greenery or holiday-themed flowers on the countertop can further accentuate the scent profiles found in your countertop products.

Suggestions for your bathroom:

- Greenery we’re intrigued by for seasonal displays: Hanging-green Amaranthus, White Snowberry, and Myrtle

- A design-centric diffuser like the From Soil to Form Oil Diffuser

We recommend offering thick, soft towels while ensuring extra hand towels are readily available. Scented items like room diffusers and candles are always appreciated and help complete the space.


4. The Festive Dining Table

Invite friends and family to gather around the centerpiece of any evening, the dining table, for a memorable feast. The perfect opportunity to share stories and express gratitude as you enjoy a hearty holiday meal together. Dress your table with our diverse ceramic dinnerware, handblown glassware, and Japanese stainless steel cutlery. The minimal combination of natural materials and muted tones creates a timeless complement to any holiday meal.

Suggestions for your dining table:
- Some food sources we’ve recently visited for inspiration: Food Rituals, Calibrean Taste by Italy Segreta, and Rachel Roddy

Feel free to think creatively when planning table textiles. We've selected lightweight towels as table napkins that create a familiar thread throughout the home. Candles are both a source of diffused lighting and an added display element when grouped together in clusters.


5. The Calm Bedroom

Throughout the holiday season, loved ones are sure to need an occasional overnight guest room. Consider details that make anywhere feel like home. A bench by the foot of the bed acts as a display table for books, guest towels, and folded pajamas. Soft bedside lighting is another essential wind-down detail—perfect for journaling or tucking into a book. To create a hotel-like experience, provide a robe, gentle body lotion, and a scented candle for solitude and relaxation.

Suggestions for the bedroom:

- Bedside reads: The original French version of L’Amant by Marguerite Duras or The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin for sci-fi enthusiasts

- House slippers like those from the Hender Scheme X FRAMA Collection and soft classic pajamas found on travels to textile-forward markets in Portugal or Italy


With FRAMA's carefully curated holiday selection, you have everything you need to create petite holiday settings that encourage connection and inspire warmth. These settings aren't just decorations but opportunities to craft meaningful experiences with loved ones. Embrace the beauty of simplicity, and let the essence of the holidays find its way into every corner of your home.


Photography by Daniel Civetta