The Art of Hosting: Home Cooking by Mati Pichci

To help you host at home this season, we asked Mati Pichci, Food Curator at Psyche Cafe in Copenhagen, to take us through his tips for Good Hosting. Moreover, he shared his recipe for Japanese brunch with sushi rice, mushrooms & egg yolk. 

What are your essentials when hosting?

A beautiful space with a nice table is a great start. But having the right people around you is the most essential.


Food is an inherent part of any gathering. What is an essential part of hosting for you besides the meals?

Again, for me, it’s all about having a great time with people I appreciate. Gathering people around the table is, in a way, similar to cooking. Humans are the ingredients here. Personalities and energies are the flavors and textures. You will never miss it if you focus on good quality produce. Let it be a metaphor for the human aspect.


What do you do while the event is ongoing?

I will probably be a little all over the place. One minute in the kitchen, another refilling water glasses, chatting with guests, and a moment later wiggling my hips to a song I like. That’s how I am, and I enjoy being!

How do you know that the event was successful? What are the indicators?

The success factor is the energy around the space. You can feel it. Laughs and smiles are two great indicators.


5 tips for Good Hosting

1. Structure a plan to create space for spontaneity and the unexpected to happen.
2. Make it easy and take it easy. Have a great time yourself. Being effortless is always better than being stressed.
3. Reach out for help. Your guests want to participate and give a hand. Lead them with good instructions.

4. Music sets the mood. Curate it yourself or ask someone good at it to help you.

5. Find time to connect with your guests. They came for you.


Japanese brunch with sushi rice, mushrooms & egg yolk  

What you need:

4 servings
200 g of sushi rice 

4 handfuls of mushrooms 

4 eggs 

sesame oil 

soy sauce 

rice vinegar 

spring onion 

How to:

Rinse the sushi rice a couple of times and top it with 350 ml of cold water. Bring the rice to a boil, set it on very low heat, and cover it with a lid. It will be ready after 20 min. Meanwhile, crack the eggs and separate yolks from whites. Place the yolks gently in a bowl and top it with a marinating mixture of 4 tbs of rice vinegar and 4 tbs of soy sauce to gently cure the yolks. Cut spring onion diagonally for the garnish. Fry the mushrooms with sesame oil on a medium heat pan; 3 minutes should be enough. Finish with a drizzle of soy sauce. Place the rice in the bowls. In each bowl, make a dimple and gently place the egg yolks. Drizzle the rice with marinating mixture for seasoning. Finish the bowl with mushrooms and spring onion, et voila!