Revive: An Easy Guide to Restoring Oak Furniture

Oak becomes more nuanced and attractive with age, therefore reviving your oak pieces is almost always preferable to throwing them away. There will be a few structural issues you can't repair, but you can grant new life with uncomplicated care, such as a good cleaning and a restorative finish coat.


1. Sand

Sand the damaged or scratched surface with sandpaper. Start with 150-180 grit. Remember to always sand along the wood grain direction.

2. Wipe the sanded surface

Wipe the sanded surface with a slightly damp cloth, ideally wet with mineral spirit. In case the spirit is not available, water is a good alternative. Leave the surface to dry completely.


3. Oil the wood

With a clean cloth, apply suitable wood oil for the type of wood you are repairing. Rub well and spread along the wood grain direction. For treating oak, we recommend the use of tung oil or hard wax oil.

Let the oil or wax soak for approximately 20 minutes. Remove the excess with a clean cloth.


4. Dry overnight

Let the wood surface dry completely, leaving it overnight.

5. Repeat for a finer finish

If a finer and more durable finish is desired, lightly sand the surface with a fine steel wool and apply a second oil or wax coat.

SAFETY NOTE: Disposing the used oil cloth safely is essential as it can ignite spontaneously. Discard the oily rag into a metal container. Fill the container with water, fully submerge the used cloth, and seal it after disposal.