A Guide to Good Hosting

To help you host at home during this season, we have gathered a curated list with recommendations and advice to guide you through a sophisticated soirée, a brunch with friends, a late breakfast with family or a rendezvous worth remembering.

"From the ambiance to drinks, table set up, and a refined playlist, FRAMA will help you design an unforgettable gathering at home."


Etiquette nowadays is all about making people feel comfortable and welcome in your home. The art of creating a hosting mindset translates into being an ambassador of goodwill. The quality of a good host encompasses being prepared, ensuring everyone is comfortable, and keeping the conversation flowing. Get ready to welcome your guests.



Greet your guest warmly and start with a drink and easy-to-grab food. Make quick introductions and encourage people to interact with each other. Offer a mix of beverages, including non-alcoholic ones, to accommodate everyone's preferences. Make your guests feel at home. 

"An essential part of hosting for me is having a great time with people I appreciate. Gathering people around the table is similar to cooking. Humans are the ingredients here."

Mati Pichci, food curator at Psyche Café in Copenhagen.


Small touches of thoughtful gestures will enhance the entire hosting experience for your guests. Think of a theme, the right glassware, dinnerware, table display, and dining chairs. Get garnishes such as dried citrus or edible flowers for your drinks, as they help balance flavors while adding a mindful detail. Don’t forget the ice! Stock up on nibbles such as a cheese board, olives, or nuts. Set the mood with dimmed lighting, subtle home fragrance, and a playlist. Make a fine first impression, and don’t forget to keep it simple. And ultimately, make sure to let loose and enjoy your art of hosting too.



Table setting has been elevated to an art form, but it should be functional and welcoming at its heart. Keep it uncomplicated—low lighting, perfectly imperfect flowers, and home accessories will help you design an unforgettable evening at home. Choose a color palette and set the tone with a tablecloth. Invite nature to your table as a decoration, and dont forget to take out your favorite plates, bowls for small snacking, textile napkins, cutlery and glassware.

“The experience of hosting encompasses so many aspects, food is undoubtedly the binding agent of it all, but it would not be enough on its own. Choose the right people, create an atmosphere, and take care of all the details, such as the right playlist, lighting, and a welcome drink to warm people up immediately and put them at ease. These are all fundamental elements not to be overlooked.”

—Giorgia Eugenia Goggi, Head Chef at Masseria Moroseta in Puglia.


Adding ambience to your home when hosting guests will refresh and bring a new feel to the space—not only for your guests but also for you, getting you in the right headspace. Creating an intimate atmosphere by dimming the lights and lighting candles will provide a touch of light without shining too brightly. Try playing around with your interiors by rearranging the decor and moving mirrors, books, or art pieces to create the desired atmosphere and bring a new sense of a welcoming home. You may also want to surprise your guest with a little gift at the end of the event.