FRAMA x Evan Kinori 2022: Carefully Constructed Items

Designer and pattern-maker Evan Kinori has opened a new space containing a collection of thoughtful, well-constructed goods and garments in San Francisco, CA. Each piece is made in California and comes as part of a hand-numbered edition.


Photos by @allendanze

"I like simple things that are beautiful but not precious, something meant to be used but feel special."


Tell us about yourself, your brand, when did it all start.
I'm a patternmaker, sewer, designer - developing and sewing samples in my studio and making small productions in local California factories with 100% natural fiber fabrics from Japan, the UK & Italy primarily. I started putting a label on my work in the fall of 2015, so that's the start.


Could you describe your body of work and garments?
I like simple, well-made clothing and objects to wear and use daily—things that are beautiful but not precious, something meant to be used but feel special.

What other brands besides FRAMA do you carry in your store? And why diversify products instead of selling your brand only?
The new space features the work of other people that inspires me such as ceramics from Ito Kan (Japan), Johnny Ortiz (New Mexico, US), Dora Good (Mallorca), and tableware from Keramische Werkstatte/Young Jae Lee (Germany) in addition to vintage books, furniture from FRAMA, and natural-dyed paper from Kyoto.


Can we talk about the new space a little bit?
I stumbled upon a 100+ year old Victorian storefront with a large workspace attached in the back. The space was ideal for me to have everything in one place. We worked on the interiors for the second half of last year and opened in December 2021. This is the first space I've had with regular open hours.


What are your sources of inspiration?
Walk in the woods & listening to Big Youth.


How would you describe the space?
Simple and hopefully clear.


Why San Francisco?
San Francisco is where I live and enjoy being. It's very easy to escape to nature, and there's everything you'd want from a city in a small package, which you can get around by bicycle.


What is your relationship with FRAMA?
I have known about FRAMA for a little while, but when Johan (FRAMA's CEO) came to visit my studio, I saw that it was a smaller project run by friends to make products they were excited about and believed in, and that's when the connection was really formed.


Why did you decide to include FRAMA in the space?
I chose pieces for their simplicity and ease of use - all functional, thoughtful, and made from natural materials that will age well. There are a few pieces that are part of the space and some are for sale.


What would you say are the similarities between FRAMA and your brand?
I'd like to believe there is an emphasis on simple, functional, long-lasting designs that rely on honest, natural materials that get better with age.


The space at 1367 Valencia Street in San Francisco was open in 2022.