Selected by: Wang & Söderström

The Copenhagen-based transdisciplinary duo composed of Swedish designer Anny Wang and architect Tim Söderström has selected their FRAMA favorites, and explored them in a new, mind-tickling way. The bridging of the physical and digital realms is a major theme in their practice, and they are constantly trying to challenge the boundaries between them.

Can you give us some insights into your process of curation, combination, and the arrangement of your selection?

We are fond of the combination of the structured and peculiar. The functional, logical, and strict get both challenged and enhanced by having elements of its opposite; the organic and fluid. Maybe we like it because that is how we are as humans as well, a blend of scheduled order and natural chaos. We mixed our own work with the design pieces from FRAMA and let them continue this conversation together.


How would you describe your current favorite material/ texture, and which reception are you aiming to provocate? 

As someone that works a lot with the digital medium, you keep a certain eye on how different materials react in light. Our current favorite material feature is translucency, technically named subsurface scattering in the digital world. A number that dictates how much light penetrates the surface giving it a glow, like when you put your hand up against the sun. It is a phenomenon that is very common in organic materials.


In past interviews, you used the term “Synesthesia” to correlate your work. Would you call yourself synesthetes?

We think there is a lot of potential with synesthesia. It is an involuntary experience where information from one sense eg. is transferred to another sense, eg. taste. We don’t see ourselves as synesthetes (we don’t have the condition like 3% of the population have) However; we think this is a great tool and inspiration when we create our digital work. We are exploring ways to go beyond vision and trigger other senses. Synesthesia can alter our perceptions, and we are interested in creating new relations towards technology and materials.

How can Wang & Sörderström relate to FRAMA’s design in that particular sense?

It might sound like a contradiction, that we, as digital artists, relate to FRAMA's focus on natural materials. But we do. When we create our digital work, nothing exists without references from the real world. Materiality and texture is key, whether it is a physical or digital piece.

What was the last collaboration/ object/ happening which truly excited you?

The 3D printer is and has been for the last few years, our favorite tool. It is a portal between the digital and physical worlds and lets us explore sculpturally new possibilities within this intersection.


"Materiality and textures are key, whether it is a physical or digital piece."


- Wang & Söderström